Victoria Spencer-Keene



Dead Men Donít Bleed

Dead men donít bleed;
They lay one atop another.
In a white sheathe of hate;
No more bright dreams of summer.

A river of blood curves a path,
To Hades darkened road.
On this river marches an army.
And to the heavens they carry their load.

Another worthless war is fought
In a circle of anger and pain.
Men in a crazed struggle weep.
In a war covered by the rain.


God, I am the sailor after the storm.
I am the fire that leaps in the wind.
I am the thirst of the poor lost soul.
Help me, stoke my flames, quench me.

I love you God, and I fear you.
I beg your forgiveness for my sins.
You see all that I do and all that I am,
And you hold me when I cry.

I am the soul dying after the battle.
I am the limb of the lightning struck tree,
I am the cloud after the rain.
Guide me, save me, give me worth.

I will build up my treasures in heaven
By living for you alone.
Search me God, hold me above the flames.
Let me know you will love me forever.

I Still Am

God, I am the mother who prays for her child.
I am the lost one, trying to find home.
I am the poor one seeking after crumbs.
Comfort me, find me, fill me up.

I pray for your forgiveness Lord.
I seek your face alone.
I want to be near you Lord.
Forgive all that Iíve done.

I am the penitent who kneels on the floor
I am the guilty one who hides her face.
I am the lying one, trying to erase.
Hold me, forgive me, cleanse me.

All I want is you my God
Though to my shame I doubt.
Fill my heart with conviction.
Lift up all that I still am.

Copyright © 2012 Victoria Spencer-Keene