Tanya Cruz




Ghost Ship
I am uninspired today
my brain like a wilted rose
all the water in the world
wonít save my thoughts
I am empty, unfulfilled
a void in space
no meaning
a sinkhole where my heart
used to be
wreckage of what once was
a ghost ship
beneath the ocean
a long forgotten tragedy

Princess Pageantry
Shallow pool
of stagnant water
a smile forced perfect
masking the void
of nothingness
caked make up
on an innocent face
living someone elseís dream
look pretty for the camera
itís all you ever do
stealing your soul in a flash
as easily as your parents did
you are not a child
you are a  crown
you are a little miss
you are a pageantry princess

All is silent
I am unheard
Like always
I wonder why I bother
Wasting my breath
Speaking words
That no one will listen to anyway
Saying things that
no one cares about
Thinking things that no one thinks
Still I speak
Hoping someone will listen

Copyright © 2012 Tanya Cruz