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November, 2011
Federica Galetto
First Edition

Available as a pdf download, in English
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Federica Galetto (alias Federica Nightingale) is an emerging Italian poet from Turin, Italy.

This small electronic book, which takes its title from Emily Jane Bronte's poem, "Silent is the House," nestles several of Federica Galetto's poems inside a collection of poems by other poets including  Longfellow, Donne, Bronte,  Baudelaire, and Kay Ryan, all of which are provided both in English and Italian. Federica Galleto, also an artist,  illustrates some of these poems with electronic collages.  The titles of her poems included in this collection are, in English, "The dark side of the hill," "The conversation," "I saw the crows passing over," "What I want," "Never ask for love" and "This is the place where I'd love to be."

Her poetry is musical and attentive to natural details.  Her themes are love, nature and metaphysical realities.  And, as with most Italian poetry, her poems contain rhythms and rhymes so beautiful in that melodic language, that English translations can't completely capture her work.  Here, for example, are the opening lines to her poem, "I saw the crows passing over,"

Ho visto passare i corvi

Ho visto passare I corvi
sulla mia casa,
in un canto roco sui tetti
E ho visto piangere una tortora
perduta nella corsa,
le lepri rosicchiare
il legno del nocciolo
Per fame arrotano I denti ai fusti
E ancora si tendon le orecchie a questo
I saw the crows passing over

I saw the crows passing over
my house
in a hoarse singing on the roofs
And I saw a dove crying,
lost in the race,
hares chewing the hazel wood
sharpening their teeth so as not to starve
And yet we tend our ears to this

Her poems have been translated into several anthologies in Italy. At the end of July 2010, Galetto published her first book of poems: "Scorrono le cose controvento" (Lietocolle Editore 2010, and in 2011 her book of poems in English: "Ode from a nightingale" was published by Masque Publishing.   

This charming e-book is available for download in pdf form from Errant Editions; however, the book can only be read by downloading, free, Adobe Digital Editions software, which is necessary to read the electronic book. The software can be downloaded directly upon purchasing the book.

óMary Ann  Sullivan

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