Tarzan Tree

It was the largest tree in the backyard

With long branches that reached out from its center

And rubbery twigs with purplish stems attached to delicate green leaves

That completed the arched crown that almost touched the ground

I stood beneath the tree as my grandma looked out the window

I jumped up, grabbed a hold of a few branches and held my feet above the grass

I swung without fear because I knew the grass

Was soft. As I closed my eyes, a warm breeze blew through my hair, the yard

Disappeared, and I found myself in a jungle. My grandparentís window

Became the porthole of a steam ship that was in the center

Of a large river. It stopped because it ran aground

Due to a makeshift dam of mud, twigs, and leaves

I tried to get closer swinging from vine to vine but the leaves

Tickled my hands and I had to let go. I landed on the grass

And was thankful that I did not fall on hard ground

I looked up and everything was gone. The yard

Had reappeared, the tree was no longer in the center

Of a jungle, and the porthole was just a window

I smiled because I saw my grandma waving from the window

My hands were red and itchy from the leaves

But I ran and grabbed a few branches and swung to the center

of the tree, bounced off the trunk and slid on the grass

It took a few seconds for me to realize that I was no longer in the yard

I was sliding down a muddy mountain trying to reach the ground

The sliding seemed like forever, and I lost hope of finding solid ground

Then I heard a tapping sound. My grandma was at her window

Trying to get me to come in from the yard

so I could say goodbye to my dad before he leaves

I let go of the branches, barely touched the grass

or found my center

of gravity as I ran towards the Rent-a- Center

vehicle parked partially on the driveway, the exposed ground

and halfway on the grass

The shades of the window

close slowly as my dad leaves

and I am abandoned in the yard

I had a pain in the center of my chest as I walked around the yard

until I finally sat happily on the grass knowing someone cared behind the window

I get up off the ground and hope that she never leaves