Tears of Life's Rail

Barreling onward; lapping itself mid-journey.

No stopping, pause only to finish

Belongings abandoned, memories lie within others.

Confinement. Barricading bars, move freely about, but never leave.

All exits final--renter as another being.

Constant pushing through the crowd--

Rushing towards the platform--

The last train home.

Everyone boards separately, everyone demises together.

All exits unclear, no faith in stops,

No knowledge of journey’s end.

The conductor’s constant presence;

His black over-coat lurking above each shoulder.

Whistling through stations, the forgotten howls of

Previous riders echoing against the tracks.

Amid all exits, expired memories pinned contra

Legacies of heroes--

Distilling through decades--aging adequately.

Oxblood tears released from grey skies,

Barreling downward;

Pestering blind riders of tomorrow’s rail