Love is

when your morning mug rests
with steaming vanilla flavored caffeine
awaiting you with the NY Times
opened to the sports section.

Love is when she crouches down
to three year old feet and shows you bunny ears
with the white laces of your new Nike shoes
your green eyes watching, she smiles.

Love is when you open to page 214
and a crinkled paper drops into your lap
in his handwriting: “Marry Me.”

Love is when he softly kisses
the middle of your forehead
before you leave for a meeting at the office.

Love is when you walk into a public restroom
and a yellow post-it is stuck on the mirror-
your face just to the left of it
saying: "Smile! Because you’re beautiful!"

Love is when the Jets lost by only a touchdown
and she takes the wheel for the hour and 14 minute drive
as you sob next to her in your green jersey.

Love is when Sunday evenings end
in the five chairs around the dining room table
playing scrabble- laughter dominates the strategy of the game.