Life’s Plan

Life just isn’t what you planned it to be sometimes. I guess that’s the fun of it….Perhaps it isn’t....oh....I don’t know. I do know you’re suppose to live everyday like it’s your last, and take chances and risks, and make smart choices. The truth is you never know where God’s will, is going to take you. I guess that’s where this story comes along, a reflection of a life purely directed by taking chances and risks; knowing God’s plan is good.

It was a cold day, but a beautiful one; that day she told him she loved him. He has already said those three big words by now, just a few weeks before. She wanted to be sure she felt the same way before opening her heart, wearing it on her sleeve, and giving every last piece of it to someone though. She knew she had loved him. She loved him more then she could explain. She told him “Be careful with my heart, for its yours now.”, and he of course took it with open arms.

Ten months had passed now. This gleaming girl only saw the love of her life 6 times now. You see, he was a marine, so he wasn’t around too much. Matter of fact, two days after she gave her heart away, he left for a seven and a half month deployment to Japan. You know what they say though "True love knows no distances."

He saw the whole world in everything she did, and said. He surely had never loved one like her, and never would again. She too loved him more then anything, and she knew this from the aching pain in her chest as days went by.

It was another cold day now; a not so beautiful one. He was being stationed 5,535 miles away, and had no idea when they would embrace each other again. This time he left she had forever promised around her ring finger, a promise that would be made final the next time they saw each other.

As life should have it, and God’s great plan unfolded, this prince charming, as one would call him, was now prince alarming. Lies spewed, tears fell, hearts were shattered, broken and stepped on, promises ripped apart, and forever stolen. “Why me?” she asked everyday as her heart was becoming numb.

Months went by and God finally answered…”Why not you? Trust my great plans”.

A warm beautiful day came upon her, for it was summer now. God’s great plans came out and a man came along who stole her heart and began putting it back together-piece by piece by piece.

Life just isn’t what you planned it to be sometimes, I know now… that IS the fun of it.