"Everything Happens for a Reason"

The clock ticks away,

"Tick, tick, tick."

Time spiraling away from me.
Where does it go?
I grasp at it futilely, It continues to fall.
Just out of reach.

Golden flecks hitting glass,

"Plink, plink, plink."

Every drop another moment slipping.
Wasted? Not wasted. Simply gone, passed by.

ďEverything happens for a reasonĒ
Time passes, Events happen.
People come,
People go.

Not wasted.

The clock ticks away.

"Tick, tick, tick."

The door opens,
Another person enters.
The door opens,
Another person leaves.

The sound of footprints echo.

"Plink, plink, plink."

Every step another person walking away
Forgotten? Not forgotten. Simply gone, passed by.

Water rushing by
Step carefully across the river
Unstable steps on unstable rocks

Which way to go?
Which way is easiest?
Which way is the right way?

Donít fall in.
Donít get let yourself drown.
Donít think, just go.

Make your decisions
Make your choice

Father time, you donít control me
Itís never too late

The clock ticks away

"Tick, tick, tickÖ"