Lily's Excellent Day!

Based on a story by Shana Giannotto

Hi, my name is Lily! I am six years old and in the first grade.My parents said that if I did good in school, then we could go to the zoo! (shows report card) As you can see, I did VERY well! Now, it is time to have a blast at the zoo and see all of my favorite animals. My family and I went all over the zoo, feeding the animals and getting to touch some too! I had a fun time seeing all the animals. I saw snakes, monkeys, birds and fish! Its getting late now, so mommy said it was time to go home for dinner. Seeing all the animals and having so much fun made me so happy, but something was missing. I wished I had a pet of my own, so I asked my parents for one. They said I could get one because my grades have been so good. I thought to myself..."what should I get?"

I know. "I should get a kangaroo!" I said. A kangaroo would bounce me right off my own trampoline and I could get hurt. But, my kangaroo could carry me in their pouch and protect me when it rains."Daddy, Daddy! Can i get a kangaroo?" I said.But daddy said NO because kangaroos are too bouncy!

I thought and I thought and I thought and then...I know!

"I want an octopus!" An octopus would get stuck everywhere we go! But an octopus could take me to a baseball game and hold all my food while catching me a foul ball! "Mommy, Mommy! Can I get an octopus?" I said. But mommy said NO because an octopus can't live on land!

So I thought and I thought and I thought some more, and then...I know!

"I want a penguin!" I can ride on its back and we can do fun tricks while it leaps out of the water! But, a penguin would have stinky fish breath. "Mommy, Daddy! Can i get a penguin?" I said. But mommy and daddy said NO because a penguin needs the icy weather of home.

I thought and I thought and I thought and then...

As we were walking home from the zoo, we passed a pet shop and I saw the best pet ever in the window!

The cutest and happiest little puppy in the world! "I'll call her Nina!" I said as my parents bought her for me! The store owner wrapped her with a bow, before handing her to me where she jumped up and licked my face! We brought her home and later we were off to bed! What an excellent day! I wonder what I will get tomorrow!?

...Until tomorrow that is!