Sally Forrest



Puffy Muffin Penguin

If I looked you in the eye
Could you see?
The damage that you're doing to me?
Eye to eye
Toe to toe
Would you realize (accept)
What little you know?
Will your pride take you over the edge,
To the brink of oblivion's ledge?
Are we still dancing,
Cheek to cheek in your mind?
Where dreams don't dare go,
And hopes dare not fly?
Because we never danced
And the only flying we ever did
Was while we were high.
It's a lie
I will not look over my shoulder
Will not hide my head in sand
To make you feel as though
You have the upper hand
Am I playing games with you?
But I can't handle another relapse

Manipulator Manifest

I will not be your scapegoat
Will not hand you my coat
When you're cold
I will not placate
Your debate
Over playing the victim
To your dictum
No more laying claim
That this is merely a game
That your life is a joke
Because it never was to me
I will not succumb
To your hum-drum
Mediocre acceptance
Of the penance you place
I KNOW you feel guilt
I simply don't care
Your wires are too tangled
And I won't be mangled
Inside anymore
So take your selfish
(Whore) proclamation
And your accusations
And your self-pity
And you're such a little kitty
You've given in to the wild
Never looking back
At what YOU threw away
When I left that day
My patience and kindness
Runneth over-flow
But you'll never know
What to do with them
So I picked up my shoes
And hat
And sat and spat
Those final
Sickening low blows
That reaped all you
Had sown
I no longer want in on your game of solitair-y
I'm choosing refinement
Of self
To seek health
And wealth
And not be brought down
By such trickery

In Growth

Filled with lust
I am disappointed
At no point shall you be appointed
The opportunity
To abuse
To offer trust I shall refuse
I'll sit in my cocoon
And sometime around noon
I'll emerge a new life form
A moth,
Not a worm
In growth you will not deter me
As I become
How I prefer me


I delve deep
The withering heights
Crumbling beneath
Bruised feet
Soft earth
A rebirth
In a place
I'd long forgot
But fret not
Delicate rose petals
And I sweep
The sad sky
With wet eye
And savor the beauty
For another day
This is the dreary
And I-
The weary
For we all must face Hell
To acknowledge Heaven

Free Write (Untitled) 6/12/10

Slated for times of glory
Gory in it's hollow shell
I swell
For the sake of boys
With their toys
And sink
Into pink
Think of Aerosmith's
Smith and Wesson
And desire to drink of the blood of man
Is a sham
With two hands,
Blurry eyes and soft lips
Inviting tips
To strip for bold blues
And gentle hues
Of micro-soft fibers
Hand cramp
Band camp
Land vamp
I am a biter, a fighter and flighter
I twitch
In your stitched fabric
From the tee you offered
When it was too small for you
And I wonder-blunder
Like Frappucino mazes
What amazes you?
Do you like poetry,
For I feel not like sausage-finger writings
While you're smiting me
In silent chaos
As you erode the core of this relationship
By building bridges only to burn
What little flame yearns
Within me
I've seen thee,
Privy to all that is holy and thin and weak and shy and meek,
So timid but not your last words to me
I swear I'll never forsake what's been given to me
Even when you slander my name
For what is love
But a vast array of bullshit anyway?
Do you seek as I seek,
Tweak as I tweak,
Leak from eyes so raw it would take two to tango?
Salsa-pineapple, mango
I want a margarita
And to see ya
But on two separate occasions
For you mix not well with such
Tasty beverages
It's the law of averages
Working against the tide
What would I say to you if I did?

The Wheel in the Sky Keeps on Turning

In silence I wait
While the walls scream your name
Dripping the blood of your presence
Begging awareness to my insecurities

I gasp
For the air here is moldy,
Closing my lungs

And shadows loom
They lecture me to "know better"

My vision is blurry
And I feel dizzy
A cold sweat
Overtaking my burning skin

You're learning sin
And enjoying it's benefits

And I...
I ache deep within a rotting spirit

My soul, once a bright yellow
Now a dim moss

And I suffocate from the stench

You hold me here
Your words like arms
Reaching out
To hold me down

To hold me

Drowning in the tub of bathwater
I've filled for myself

Copyright 2012 Sally Forrest