Peter Hughes


Meteors of the Geminid Shower

North of the Sun and west of the Moon
the Ghosts rode, searching for the end
the end they would never find
I would never see again the flailing of the whips
the sparkle of the heel spurs

Through the Southern Cross and on to Polaris
the only chart they have to guide them
Searching for that haven they would hopefully find

One hundred billion strong, they rode
their steeds were tired, hungry, yet they galloped full
across the Milky Way, stampeding through the night

Through the Southern Cross and on to Polaris
the compass doesn’t work and the chart is wrong
How can they search for the haven they may never find

Ears lay back, manes flowing through the stars
they would never stop as the men lashed at the ponies
never give up the hunt, to the ends of the universe
rode the gallants, guns drawn and readied to find any glimpse

Polaris, and now turn
to the Southern Cross, they plotted the course
Searching for that haven they wanted to find

Into the mouth of Hell they rode, through the constellations
Hot breath steaming from the flaming nostrils
Fire flamed at fleeting hooves as they trampled through the heavens
Headlong through the night they stampeded

Through the Southern Cross and on to Polaris
Searching for that haven they would never find

The quick and the dead, they rode as I watched
from the safety of Earth as they passed Venus
fire on the trail through the night, ride as they might
They would never find without a chart
For neither Hell or Heaven will open their door

Through the Southern Cross and on to Polaris,
from Polaris and headlong through the Southern Cross
Searching forever that haven they would never find


c, π and e with a little bit of time
on their hands

Magnetism, electromagnetic pulses
Fine wave shamazametric, based on
c, a speed and curve π, with a logarithm, e
Strings of energy moving, bumping on walls of time
Occupying space, a ripple of space time
Paroxysmal, paradoxical, wave movement comprise matter
Energy finite, not the matter, all it needs is the wiggling wave
Matter, star stuff, a string of c, wavelength of π and a wave of e
Glued in that gravity
Electronic field, magnetic fields in waves perpendicular
Looking for home thrust through curvature time
home is where the field lay to make the waves live,
with a little bit of c, having curves of π and the softness of e
Sunrise, sunset over the ecliptic
horoscopic constellations seen by c, drifting arc of π
illusions of e
timing clock moves forward and backward,
fabric of time slightly lifted
slows and bends to form a rainbow,
Bending in the dimensions of c, to the feminine curves of π
with the flavor of e


 Copyright © 2012 Peter Hughes


Peter E. Hughes is a Clinical Laboratory Biochemist, Ph.D. , North Carolina State University.   He is a NASA Scholar and Senior Scientist.  He researches and writes for the Mad Scientists as a representative of the United States and is an editor of Biochemistry and Medicine for the Encyclopedia of Earth.   Major interests are photography, writing about life experiences, electronics and Radio Astronomy of Close Space Events.

He writes short stories, poetry and humor.