Michael Brown

The Plan

When depression hits youíve got to have a strategy:
When I say strategy I mean money:
A plan, an escape route, a trip planned,
Somewhere you have been and never been before.
-A hole maybe in the sky where you can leave all of your
Heavy things too weighty for carrying:
A hole in the ground, a hole underground;
Where former friends and relatives will hold
Your goods in trust: if you canít trust the dead
Who can you trust?
When depression hits youíve got to have a plan.


Recognition breeds contempt, when we see what we never wish to see; when we hear what we never wish to hear, when we feel what we never wish to feel; when we touch what we never wish to touch. Never thought Iíd see you again, smug behind a mouth full of teeth and your voice that signature sound like dogs barking, fighting over a bone, and the reminder of what we once felt when I lacked the presence of mind to discern feeling and thought, and now the touch of your extended hand, cold even for the dead, yes, recognition often breeds contempt.

The Swan
The ugly duckling looks
in the mirror of its own reflection
to see a swan: a swan looks
in the reflection of its image
in the ripple of a lake
to find imperfection:
in the cracked mirror
waving in the liquid silver
on the surface reflecting
its own face, never satisfied
having forgotten the transformation
it had to undertake

 Copyright © 2012 Michael Brown

Michael D. Brown, PhD is an American, Professor of English at Nanjing Agriculture University, China, and an award-winning author of 16 books, with numerous publishing credits, and 6 volumes of poetry.  He lectures internationally, and provides literary reviews for University Journals. He is a recipient of the New York State Senator, John De Francisco award for poetry and has been published in Ascent, The Christian Educatorís Journal, The Black Scholar, Communicate, Salt Shaker, The Geronimo Review, and many others.