Marcus LaCross




Her cries bring a terrible sound to my ears,
She hasnít made that sound in years.
Her step has lost some pace,
While the shine is gone from her face.
The life is slowly going away,
I know she wishes she could stay.

We fell in love with the first stare.
Leaving her there was something we couldnít bear.
In time she became a queen,
A true one since she was never mean.
Her love put a fire in our eyes,
Now she is saying her goodbyes.

Her will was strong,
But now she is gone
Her death brought no relief,
Now I suffer eternal grief.
I feel like I didnít save her,
I thought I was her protector


So close but so far,
I have yet another battle scar.
Love isnít supposed to be a game,
This feeling has only one name.
How can I fight this affection?
Even after the rejection.

I always cared for you,
I know you cared to.
Even after all we been through,
I will always be a friend to you.
I have been rejected for many years,
Making me shed many tears.

As long as we are still friends Iím fine,
But no doubt it will take some time.

They will be no wookie calls,
Especially in these halls.
So even after you turned me down,
I will try my best not to frown.



When you left you took something dear from me.

Not only your love, but my sanity.

You told me to go away,

But yet here I stay.

Only you said I was ordinary,

But everyone else said I should be in solitary.


When you said yes, I was in a great relief,

Yet I was blinded by a false belief.

Then you said we need to take a break,

It felt like my heart was pierced by a stake.

Now every time I take a glance,

I start wanting a second chance.


Now I am labeled as your friend,

I hope it stays that way til the end.

As you can see I no longer give a damn,

For I am just a man.

I know now that I am extraordinary,

But I will always be in solitary.


The Outcast

He is the outcast of the class,

The rest of them can kiss his arse.

He wanders the halls with his long hair,

The jokes they say are not fair.

There are few he can trust,

But surviving this place is a must.


The year of hell starts in the fall,

His true feelings are hidden behind the wall.

He can never find a mate,

Not even for one date.

The class wants him to die here,

But his grave will not be there.


Now the outcast is a human,

He now belongs with his fellow man.

His pain seems like a dream,

The jokes however are still mean.

His life will now be written on pages,

You will all enjoy it for ages.

Copyright © 2012 Marcus LaCross