Kenneth Kesner



conquest temple love buddhist machine
heartfelt approach marvel in hand
do not recall but cannot forget
all ever had
i split tongue to end in my eye
absinthe blue a minaret
stay with
and i’ll never die
mantra myself then go head on
travel lightly lunar ellipse
watch telling in rhyme
you someplace away
sketch with straight line
my umbra of soul
critique the other as only you can
labyrinth to mean no regret
demonic peace shield at strife


Copyright © Kenneth Kesner 2012

Kenneth Kesner (肯内思), a native of the US, has been working under the auspices of the State Administration of Foreign Experts in the PRC for several years now.   Some of his work is found in:   “The Arabesques Review” (ALG),  “Counterexample Poetics” (USA), “decomP” (USA), “The Journal of National Cheng-chi University” (ROC) and “Zone Magazine” (ARG).  When circumstances allow, he travels portions of the Spice and Silk Routes, and is planning to walk westward from the Central Asian and Eurasian sections in two separate treks.