Keith Lennon, Sr.




She was young and happy
With an imagination in abundance
An only child, but never alone
She played as happy as any
To an audience of family

She had friends, even in an empty room
There were many and she loved them all
Very bright and light
In every room she walked, the sunlight would follow

This little girl, with a rough and jaded family
She remained optimistic, always
Life never seeming to disappoint
As loved ones would pass on
The girl would remain unchanged

As years rolled by, she would have her own
Two boys, two smaller versions of herself
They are unified in happiness and life
Always seeking a smile or slice of enjoyment

Joy that they bring to others
Her thoughtfulness always in the air
Life is here to be enjoyed, to the fullest possible
No time to be wasted on sorrow

I see her through these tired eyes of mine
Never understanding her unwillingness to suffer
For she has suffered through tragedy
I am blind to her suffering
The world will not see her this way

There are cracks, yet she is unbroken
Where I see pain, she only sees optimism
Giving hope to others, where none seems possible
My niece, my personal ray of sunshine, the girl remains unchanged

Copyright 2011 Keith Lennon, Sr.