Jayden Alexander Riley



I am the daughter
That became your son
I am the player
Who has never won
I am the adult
Who has yet to grow
I am the person
Who you donít know
I am the friend
Who has yet to win
For born in the wrong body
I have committed no sin
I am the man
Who has a life to live
I am the abused
Who has yet to forgive
I am the brother
Who cannot tell
When his life
Was no longer well.

It was you I gave up
The night that I chose
My life was far too grand
So internally I froze
I wish I could take back
The wrong I did to you
Small feet, fingers, face
I still want to love you
I let your innocence
Hide behind my fear
I didnít want you then
But I wish you were here
I let you die away
But I wish you could see
I wonder now who you are
Child please forgive me

I was in a tunnel
And I couldn't see the light
And whenever I looked up
I couldn't see the sky
Sometimes when I'm standing
It seems I've walked for miles
It's as though I'm standin' there
In the middle of a smile

Copyright © 2012 Jayden Alexander Riley