James Piatt


Raucous Winds

Willow tree
bends to
raucous winds.

Universal man
refuses to:

Which, will
the strident
rhetorical winds
Of our

Timeless Thoughts

Timeless thoughts


Into the void of vacant skies,
Like screaming prayers soaring
Up from lifeless meadows,
Rushing like gray strident winds
Amidst cracked statues in graveyards,
Spewing forth scarlet memories
Which the clamorous blaring of
Dead longing souls cannot deny,

Timeless thoughts


In riotous tinny turmoil
Atop riotous drifting currents
Containing motionless creatures
Floating aimlessly in the
Forlorn sea of hopelessness, and
Exploding into the eternity of the
Scarlet dust of lost desires,

Timeless thoughts


Like the rusted wheels of
An ancient iron horse,
Foreboding chaos, destroying order
In the constantly retreating universe,
Without any sense of purpose or
Recognition of reality,

Timeless thoughts


To muted clanging thunder in
A world slowly exploding into
Shattered glass, causing
Hollow tears to plummet
Like falling dead leaves in
The din of constant rhetoric,
Pointlessly wandering inside, a
Dying forest of metallic, and
Inconsequential inclinations.

I Should

I should wear purple linen pants
Rolled up to my knees, and
Dance in the incoming tide.

I should wear a scarlet tee shirt
With Snoopy on the front, and
Spend hours running on warm sand.

I should hoard gentle dreams
In my wandering heart, and
Sit with my back against a tree.

I should contemplate the aroma
Of scented roses, and
Forget ill-tempered men.

I should shun images
Of gory battles and endless wars, and
Think only of chocolate candy.

I should forget the dark, and
Distressing nights, and
Remember just sunny days.

I should write happy poems, and
Read humorous novels,
Maybe, someday I will!

I can’t today!

Spring Love

After rasping winds abated,
After winter departed, and
Gray clouds loosened
Their sorrowful woes,
In mountain streams,
Like old men releasing
Fears of aging;

Spring seeds, carelessly
Strewn by gaudy birds
Upon the earthen face
Of the glade near
Spring’s entrance,
Blossomed, and
Perfumed the verdant
Valley with sweetness:

White billowing clouds
Swirled blissfully
Atop fertile mountains
Craggy, and steep, and
Young lover’s hearts
Chimed in unison with
Nature’s emerging newness:

Images of castles, and
Princes floating,
Amid towering clouds
Gliding, beneath
The warming sun,
Impassioned, young
Lovers, hearts:

Amidst soft moss, they
Frolicked happily,
Following the way,
Of all young lovers,
In spring’s golden glow
Alive with passions
Of youthful gaiety,
Amorous in
Eve’s garden, of

The Poem

A poem should be truthful
Yet vague,
Like an old left shoe;
Yet noisy as a brass band,
It should be verbose, but
With few words, and
Unlike the sun
With its overt existence,
It should be false as a mask,
Yet, true as grief,
Like a lantern in the night,
Yet dimly lit,
It should not enlighten
It should only exist
So lover’s minds can
Decipher the coded words,
With their souls!

Lonely Thoughts

Lonely memories, ascend
Like sparrow hawks
Soaring like discordant winds
Amidst tall Pines in a glade,
Pouring forth murky thoughts
Which the murmurings of
My soul cannot deny,
They rise up in confusion
Atop rootless currents in the
Forlorn caverns of my essence
Exploding into scarlet, dust,
Then in the dim cell, where
Sins are abolished, they
Vanish into the darkness.


 Copyright © 2012 James Piatt

James G. Piatt earned his B.S. and M.A. from California State Polytechnic University, and his doctorate from Brigham Young University.

James was the featured poet in Word Catalyst Magazine in 2009, and Contemporary American Voices in 2010. Long Story Short selected one of his poems for the poem of the month in 2011; Phati’tude Literary Magazine in their spring 2011 issue featured an interview of him. He has had over 175 poems, twenty-one short stories, and seven non-fiction essays published, and his début book of poetry is forthcoming.