David Tuthill



One More Day

Days of pain and recompense still haunt my soul.
The very idea at times seems welcome, or is it like cowardice.
Was it the idea of release that seduced me, or did the pain I feel push me towards it?
The emptiness of a fatherís love never there to comfort me?
Like it was for so many?
The hate of a sibling, for reasons unknown and unexpressed?
The sadness of others that I never wanted to see?
(Caused by both for their own fun)
The mother who carried but had a sadness of her own,
Pushed me forward into the unknown.
The times of happiness have yet to outweigh the times of pain.
As I stand, with the knife on my wrist, I think:
Why should I stay?
As I start to drag the cool blade across, a simple ring stops me.
A friend reaching out.
The love of a chosen few
Friends, unlike family, held me to the world
Through them, Iíve made it through the pain.

Copyright © 2012 David Tuthill