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The Effects of Bullying

The effects of bullying are found to be severe. In most cases, bullying causes numerous problems for individuals. Around the globe, many researchers have found that students who have suffered from bullying make low grades and have no sense of security in their school. There have been cases like the girl, "Phoebe Prince," who committed suicide after being harassed in school by her fellow classmates. Most children have been pushed to the point where suicide is an option to escape the situation. Technology has advanced bullying to a whole new level. Students feel as if they're not safe due to their bullies retrieving their numbers from other sources. Congress has been creating laws that not only punish the bullies, but hold them responsible for any actions that have hurt the individual.

Bullying others leaves them feeling depressed, unmotivated, and suicidal, less confident in themselves and anxious. Most people are bullied during middle school and high school; the numbers have been increasing each decade in this age group. As technology advances, people will find more ways to bully someone. Most victims of bullying fear that they've lost the will to live due to othersí insecurities and hate for them, and with that, victims of bullying such as "Phoebe Prince" ended their lives. Bullying causes a strenuous amount of pressure for someone to be perfect, to fit in. Some students even hurt themselves to feel the need to be perfect; while some take the pressure to the highest level, which happened in the "Columbine High School" shooting in Colorado in the 1990's.

In other words, bullying has disastrous effects. Bullying causes tremendous pain and self-hurt to the human body. People shouldnít have to live in fear of who they are because someone doesn't like them. In many scenarios, suicide is the option bullied victims choose.

 A Tale of Resiliency (A mini story)

As he walked around crying with battle scars on him, his back bruised and nose broken, the skin on his elbows and knees were blood-soaked. He looked everywhere for an escape. As the bombs blew up everything around him, he tried to scream, yell and cry louder to see if anyone could hear that he needed help but no one heard him. Once more a large bomb dropped next to him and sent him knocking to the ground hard. He was soon struggling to get himself back up from the rubble, and after some time, he wiggled his body out of the debris. He wiped the tears from his hazel eyes and then realized he had the power to be resilient, that he could overcome the long harsh battle he was in. He then smiled at the sky and picked himself up and brushed off the dirt that was on his blood soaked knees and elbows. Soon the bombs disappeared and the smoke cleared. He then felt the courage to walk in the light that shone upon him, for nothing could hurt him anymore. And, as time went by, he learned to smile, laugh and love once more. Even though the pain of the battle lived inside him, he never forgot to fight what came in the way of his being happy, because he was resilient.

A Midsummerís Night

The moon looked so beautiful in the night sky. Filled with stars, the sky was viewed as less lonely. The night air, so fresh, blew through the trees at a quick pace. The stars shone as if nothing could stop them. The two people lying on a hood of a mustang, moved close to each other. The essence of the moonlight kept them in a light spot, their eyes gleaming with the flow of emotions coming off from each other. The night was peaceful; it allowed the couple a quiet moment together. Love on a midsummerís night is peaceful, allowing two lovers the chance to fly on cloud nine.

Their eyes, so shiny, made the moonlight so luminous. The sky was clear on that night; the two lovers felt a midsummerís night feeling. The sensation, so powerful, left the lovers in a stance. As the two hearts leaned in for a sweet kiss, a shooting star flew across the sky. The lovers looked up at the heavens and made a wish. The shooting star shone so well onto the couple, they felt their heartsí warmth increase. The light of the shooting star rekindled their hearts forever.

On that midsummerís night, two lovers felt a vibe no other could feel. As the couple grew old, their love for each other never grew apart from them. Love kept them alive; the days strengthened their bond. Because of that midsummerís night, these two individuals never stopped loving each other. This was a night they would never forget, a moment never to be repressed. In the duration of their life together, the stars never stopped shining over them.

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