The Tower Journal

Sarojini Pattayat

My Haikus

the book…
enter into a golden world.

inspires me to put some word.

the clock
so powerful
controls me

my daughter
coolness and heaven around .

my son
the potency of life.

my husband
elation muse inside.

where anguish stands.

its dawn.

its dusk.

jasmine blooms
hot sun smiling in the sapphire sky.

Copyright © 2014 Sarojini Pattayat

Sarojini PattayatSarojini Pattayat writes in the English language and in her native language[Odia].
She believes that poetry is the passion we feel.  She composes from her feelings. Sometimes she goes out to see nature and people to get inspiration. She is a deep lover of the sky. It attracts her always and just like a very close friend. Sometimes she cannot find the appropriate words to express her feelings and it causes her immense pain. However, she finds pleasure in writing and wants to share her feelings with the whole world.

The Tower Journal
Fall/Winter 2014