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Theodore Lee

Georgia Hots and Gordon Gin or Vodka in the Morning

It was on Basset Street in New Haven, CT right by Lincoln Basset
Middle School. Early mornings, in the back yard is where you found my
father working on cars, trucks, just about anything. He
wasn't a saint, but he was fun at times.

My mama called him the devil, John Lee, the devil. All I know is free
Georgia hots, but I am a beer man all morning and night. I don't get drunk,
but gin and vodka is ok by me.

Pop was a street mechanic by trade. He could fix anything. One
morning God gave us Pop, smoked sausages, gin and vodka (6:30 am). For
once we had our father for a short time. We laughed with him and had a
great time. My brothers and I always talked about that day. It was a great day
in 1978.

I remember early one Friday morning (3:42 am) my brother called and
said while crying that pop passed away. I remember sitting on the edge of
the bed thinking, "what did he say to me?" I thought it was a dream. When
I called Pop's cell phone, 15 or 16 times, I didn't get an answer, just a
message that said this is John Lee or Pop, leave a message.

I will always remember that day with Pop in 1978.

Where Has Time Gone

Don't yell, scream, or break that damned mirror, because you see gray
hairs, a bigger body and a few less teeth. Don't yell, scream, or break that
damned mirror.

You're not able to do all of the things that you wanted to do in life now,
because of the lack of time you have left in your life. Do you remember that
damned mirror? It does not lie. Yes, gray hairs, big body, less teeth. Where has
time gone.

So many of my old friends are dead and gone. One day, you blink your eyes
and now your mom can barely move. Your father can't work anymore. I think
about all of the sports that I used to play, but, now I just sit on the couch in front of
the tv and watch them.

I have plenty of energy after sitting around with a few beers and mixed
drinks. Remembering when the songs we are listening to came out and the
dances we used to do back then. Wow, where has time gone.


Who's the Devil?

All the preachers say that evil is the devil's work. But the one thing they
cannot agree with is whether there is a heaven or hell. I don't know but, neither
do they. (Ha Ha)

What about when someone they love does something bad or evil? Would
you get mad if someone said something mean or hurtful to someone you love?
Does that mean that they are the devil as the preacher says? I think not.

I have been raised to believe that god is almighty. But, when you lose
someone close to you, most people blame god. Is it the devil's work? Or is it god's
will? Who can tell which is which? God needs souls just like the devil.

Is that the devil in me? Or is it god saying what needs to be said. My mama
always said that when you're bad, that's the devil. But, when you are good, and I
mean really good, that's god. So whos who?

P.S.  Just don't ask the preacher!

Life is Good

I know—I know. so you think it is about living large?  Wrong—Wrong. It's when
life hits you "BAM!!" right in the face.

The life that was so good is nothing but a mask. Trust me when I say, what you
see with your eyes is not real unless, you are with your mom, pop, brothers, sisters,
daugthers and sons.  (Good friends.)

Everything else is a mask. Please, trust in your eyes, they don't lie. What you see
is true and pure. Listen to your ears. Even though we want them to, they will not lie to

As I write this, what I thought was a good life, was simply a nightmare.

Only in my mind, I had a good teacher. Me.

Good for the soul,         T.R.L.

Copyright © 2014 Theodore Lee

Theodore LeeTheodore Lee has written a collection of short narratives about his life.  The title of his book is: In These Hands: Words for the Heart & Soul, Created for the Mind & Soul.

The Tower Journal
Fall/Winter 2014