Kislay Chauhan


Burning shine, dead minds
Dead views in anatomies, quiet gods
Lightless fire around, filthy shadows
Unlocked space, a bribe for silence
Blind papers, wordless, emotional
Richness of poor sights, closing eyes
Fathomless, endless halls and falls
Moonless nights, breakable walls
Strong, powerful vision, eternal force
Unwelcome sadness, locked ways
Weakness in pains, unequal hindrance
Timeless journey, wingless flying
Flattered roads, imagery landscapes
Boats in rivers near flowers black petals
Tortured slaves of shine, sing those signs
Alarms like, a skylark by death-valley
Spacious whorls, awaited characters
Of time, to live life, hurdles and desires
Black butterflies in grey gardens fly
And lamps of darkness, stood alone ever
For a pride, out-home those homeless bees
Echoes, ever to the last
The rings, sirens and buzzing clocks
Behind curtains, wars and blocks
Blocks of hearts, faults and hate
And who, that never was destroyed, ended
Darkness, black, that ever was and will be

Letting Go

When under mirror of heart
The moon, I sit world apart
In night dare not to weep again
Comes a whisper of fear, then
When last hope wants more
Then directions says no more

Recognizes this heart, words
LET GO, like offensive in ears
Places, farewell, broken hearts
And a moon divided into stars
The rivals fly in front of my eyes
Know, every breath ends in sighs

Visions inquire memory to get flee
Letís go, to walk along near sea
Look the way, it is more lonely
The footprints spreading widely
Some quite strange, disappear
Some live in the heart forever

Everywhere you admired them
Agreed with them, faith in them
Whenever needed charm, gave
But what if sleeked ways you have
It was never sure, never certain
You had those eyes behind curtain

Every time, when you light in storm
A candle, which hopes every norm
A sudden shot of wind, can put out
Whom you ever thought and proud
A little treat of unstoppable reasons
Leave them for thinkable seasons

A Despair

A Despair seeks the fall of a smile
rather on the face grief for a while
and seeks for, who never bear pain
disturbs peace and falls like a rain
where some have sunk their voice
and some broken down on choice

I can see this in those hearts mourn
in murmur of wind, in clock of lone
when poor caused a sleep by a cry
and dreams fly to get out of his try
and length of time increases for quiet
when life surrenders to fate in fight

I can see this in those silent tombs
in white stones stood earth bones
sorrow songs of soil and breeze
in silent prayers, in life that frees
the last sorrow of death is a cure
which the souls of people endure

I can see this in those fallen leaves
when autumn has a call from trees
a stranger came from far sad village
to pluck those smiling flowers sage
it knew its sin but owned by despair
withered green behind tears layer

I can see this in those birds of cage
in sorrowful chirps and wingless gaze
forgetting those fly a far into the sky
spring morning and evening now cry
without presence of birds into arms
of empty branches and lonely farms


Life Measures

In world, I breathe, measure of own age
An ageless smile, and one empty face
Spectacles of ponds, and that far desert
Where trust and tale have been divided
And burning chapters in front of my eyes
Half book for hell, half for heaven lies

Its patience is dream and power is promise
Perpetual defeat and soldier across battle
Lasted enough to fight, a fight to ease battle
To win something, someone, not proofed
Until sleeping town, a soul, awakes on a faith
Spring after autumn, and life after death

A blackboard of dreams, colored chalks
Endless stories, some broke and some stay
Flying hearts, and bones in sand one day
Thatís a fable, a fairy, a root of mystery,
Countless curtains, every page, every hour
The secret morning after evening of war

Every heart translated letters of life
Characters of every way, and that truth
Wrote every time a new story, stood alone
Before a shattered and scattered breath
After broken dreams, a passionate cry
The lord would understand to live and die

Copyright © Kislay Chauhau 2013

Kislay Chauhan is a writer who has degree in Computer Science. His poems have been published in many reviews, journals and magazines.Some of them are Ė Fowl Feathered Review, The Artistic Muse Poetry, Eastlit, Earthborne, Carcinogenic Poetry, Out of Our, Nano Nostrovia. Poetry, Sprout Magazine, Melbrake, etc.

He has written four poetry books Takhir,  The VagueOnce And For All and 
The Edges Of The Spirit.