Uno Press
202 pages

ISBN: 9781608010806

Book Design: Megan McHugh


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Skip Fox is a poet who understands that there is more to life than the tangible world.  His poems are ethereal.  They express a magical connection between the Earth, the universe and human beings. The ancient traditions of poetry, where the poet is a seer, a diviner, a prophet, are evident in his work,

Here  is one poem from the collection:

Ah wonderful rare wilderness the blank page

echoes, as a shadow echoes off canyon
walls where it sails across the valley floor to echo
in the heart of language, itself interpenetrant,
interwove, dissolved as the moo, resident
of night, rises, makes meditant the fierce
darkness, falls on stoned interiors, wave's
shadow rolling over the valley all night, clouds
rising up mountain to fall again in day-
spring, given its lightness (can you hear
it?) as form rises into the formlessness of
dawn, then over the edge into the future, its
echo as well as its shadow reflected,
god metal planet plant, in every word

Reviewed by Mary Ann Sullivan
    September 2012