Stephanie Ferreira



Coming Clean

The rain cleanses my sorrows,
Eases the pain and washes it away,
It takes away all the negativity of the world with each drop.
I watch it fall in all its majesty as it patters on my window,
Drop by drop falling on the concrete,
Sliding through the cracks and getting in between,
Erasing each present moment clean.
I get lost in the soft melody it brings,
It relaxes my soul and soothes my body.
I close my eyes and it transports me to another place,
Much simpler than this,
Where my soul is at peace and there’s hope for tomorrow.


Copyright © 2012  Stephanie Ferreira


Stephanie Ferreira was born and raised in Washington Heights New York City and her family is from the Dominican Republic. She is currently a college student in the City College of New York, where she is majoring in Psychology and minoring in Sociology. Her goal is to get her masters in Social Work. She wants to be able to help people all over, especially kids because unfortunately not all kids have the guide they need in their lives, and she also wants to show them that they have a voice in the world. When she gets inspired, she likes to write and express her feelings on paper which is why she decided to take a creative writing course.  Luckily, her professor encouraged all the students to submit their writing for a chance at getting published, and this was a great opportunity.  She hopes you all enjoy this piece that she wrote.