Dušan Čolović



Skilled hand of a logger
turns you into a chair…
For the tired to sit and relax.
Sacred is your solitude
you do not whine in the wind anymore
crucified, you don’t bend your branches
or protect your virginal leaves.

You do not complain that they took away
your voice, anger, love
and friendship for the warmth
leaving you smile
through smoke.

You have done the best you could
by taking their oaths to defend with fire
and warmth their hearth.
Sacred is your solitude
upon some distant hill
while you are becoming
the last invisible flame.

Know this

All that has been born
through prayer
is sinless.
And all that the elders
is primeval…
yet always new.

A Later Light

O God, how do I find the way
for all of your lights touching…


I am silent while observing
and discovering the world
to tell you
what is missing.

Silent, in front of the signs
I keep quiet while I mark
the traces.

I am silent while blissfully
sensing the blue
depths of the world.

Silent before the gifts
of the sleep and life.
I am silent.

I Search

I search
fire sites
all the fires
in flame
I am not searching for support
of the life saving sign.
Again I search
for the cradle
in the child’s voice
all sources and thirst
sweet or bitter I drank.
I search the path
long time passed.
In the womb of forgetfulness
I search
the circle
in which I had been conceived.

That Un-Milked Time

From the udder of primordial time
the milk of day overflows
into endlessness
in all languages
the meaning
of the new birth.

The Bite

Gilded wheat spike
of a disquiet quake
I inhale the nectar of the moment
a breeze washes my dreams
in the soul’s membrane
a flame reflects
under the sun’s eyebrow
in a charmed meadow
through a quiver
a new summer is resurrected.
upon a slice of bread
is the God’s Bite.


Copyright © 2012 Dusan Colovic


Dusan Colovic was born 1934. in Orasac. He has graduated from the Belgrade’s Divinity school “Saint Sava” and lives and works in Belgrade. Colovic has published 17 books of poetry: Promise, 1984; There is day, 1985; Tree of lougeval wood, 1986; Ancestor satisfied smile, 1987; Hunger of time, 1989; The first year, the first day, 1994; We must say, 1995; Talking about you, 1997; Language of corn, 2000; Track cleaned light, 2002; In icon of soul, 2005; Orasac road, 2007; Echo of infinity, 2008; The gates of light  2009; To the Sons of the Celestial Secret, 2010; Milk of Language, 2011;  and Inside sky 2012.
Colovic is also known for his anthologies of Serbian patriotic poetry. He is actively involved in the literary scene of Serbia. Critics emphasize his crystallized precision and haiku-like, epigrammatic, condensed expression. His play with language often makes it unfair to even attempt translation.