Chris Everly

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Crescent Moon


Iíve seen you before, my old friend.

And as I stare at your dimples,

My thoughts betray one of covered past.

Each crater bringing a reminder,

One of song and wine shared,

Laughter and gentle love tasted,

Warm skin and moist lips touched.

I canít breathe without your breath;

Cannot see without your eyes.

Your voice echoes, on a constant loop,

Destined to forever haunt my very core.

As your crescent gives way to dawned sun,

My heart does not beat beneath chest.

My veins run still, no longer fed.

And I would have it ripped out still,

For just another moment in your light.

In its place now awaits a monster,

Summoned from the pits of the underworld

Where darkness is a constant companion,

Its fire fuels me but its flame is even to dim

To light even the simplest of torches.

It smolders in wait of fan of kindled coal.


With every creeping inch the new day arrives

And with it the stars fade into a soft backdrop

Of brilliant rays of orange, reds and yellows.

I want to pluck the heavens, one by one,

Before they disappear.

I want to capture the crescent before it dives,

Once more, into its endless ocean.

I want to paint the sky with them,

As if the sky were my canvas

And simple brush strokes

Could restore such fleeting desires.


Your absence brings a light of anew,

All I can do is pray to the Godís

To restore the black and white.

I beg for your soft undertones once more,

To immerse myself in your subtle essence,

To quench my thrust in you river of darkness

Like I have so many times before.

But you were gone way too soon

And left me to burn in my passions.


I have seen you before, my old friend.

Iíll be here waiting for your return,


I wonít sleepÖ


Copyright © 2012 Chris Everly

Chris Everly is currently studying creative writing and poetry at SNHU and lives in New Hampshire. Some of his work has been seen in past issues of the Tower Journal. Chris can also be seen in Reflections of a blue Planet- 1 The Four Seasons, Reflections of a blue Planet- 2 Earth- Water-Sky, The Survivors Guide to Bedlam and the due to be published On the Words of Love. Chris has also been working on his first play, and will be publishing his own book of poetry in the coming months through Brian Wrixon publishing. Enjoy