Anthony Arnott




Have you read the 20th Century? he said
and gave me some bands
that made me call my brother.

When you hit 40, you
find yourself eating more soup and Saturday
nights consist of watching soft-core
gay porn, disguised
as a John Cusack film.
Or is it a John Cusack film?

Lets hope the schoolboy didnt hear.

Never more.
A simple favour from him meant the world (and
the summer) to me.

The Tipi of Forgiveness

In the Tipi of Forgiveness, I thought
about everything Id done wrong and realised
that there wasnt a lot that Id done wrong.

In the Tipi of Forgiveness, I thought about when Id lied to my parents (nothing massive) and fought with my siblings.

Outside the
Tipi of
a homeless
man slept
in a

In the Tipi of Forgiveness, I
about you and how Id hurt you.
I dont know if youve already
me, but I felt
the need to write something
while I was there.

Walking away from the Tipi of Forgiveness,
none of us said
wed written down.

Copyright 2012 Anthony Arnott


Anthony Arnott lives in Ormskirk, Lancashire and works as an English teacher. In August 2011, he had his first collection, Behind Barcodes, published by erbacce-press and, for two years, he was a Poetry Editor for The Black Market Review.

He has also had work published in Peggys Blue Skylight, First Edition Magazine, Question Mark, The Journal, Streetcake Magazine, Why Vandalism? Journal, Broken Wine, Mud Hutter Express, The Delinquent, Turbulence Magazine, Fade Poetry and Camel Saloon, as well as in anthologies such as The Strand Book of International Poets 2010 and Liquid Gold.

A keen reader, Anthony has read in support of Jerome Rothenberg and has had fifty-word stories published in 50 to 1 and Postcard Shorts.