Mel Thompson


The recording microphone seems to suit you and your voice very well. The multi-voice work is not a problem for me with regards to this recording [of “Chorus: Cancer”]. In fact, one can hear clearly the multi-chorus effect of the second “singer” simply being delayed one line. When I converted to Evangelicalism for a while, this was a common technique. The song leader would divide the room into thirds, or more, then start a chorus or verse, then one line into it, start the next section into the same part. After three or more variants got going at once, the effect was just heavenly…I see how your poetry could be problematic for a lot of people because it exists within the question and gives no reassurances of any answer’s certainty. It is a poetry that does not shrink from doubt and a possibly empty universe. It is not that you actually declare allegiance to nihilism, but that you state certain facts, and then refuse to “sum them up” safely. They are brought up, displayed and then no “closure” is offered and nothing is “finalized once and for all.” Your work is not, in that sense, safe for all listeners.
               —Mel C. Thompson