Mary Rudge


Written by Mary Rudge as
excerpt from Will and Testament
of Jack Foley


I will the nimble footed tap dance
choreograph of complicated overlay of lines,
meanings compounded, confounding

(how you found that
universal weaving in and out of words.
You, two-voiced, multi-sound,
voluptuous images unbound

I will the heritage “aptness of mind”
as if elusiveness of passionate spontaneity
is willed. I will the strobe-light vision, the light
that pierces through stone, metal, flesh
the multiple cells of the mind,
to see it all. In the dark the film flash
that is life going past  fast, seen
in many-scenic script-writes on the wing.

(Star-sparks fly from the metal taps
of your dancing shoes as you tap tap tap
tap tap across sky. Worlds fly
in the swirl
of undulating sound rhythms rap rapping
around you, can’t keep that in
a casket-music box).

Yes, I will the word swirl
undulating rhythms rap rapping around
sound wrap around sound warp, this
woven sound. Yes, I have found and willed
the everlasting speed of sound.

to Jack—Live Forever

                                    ♥ Mary Rudge