White Violet Press
46 pages

ISBN:  9780615611365

Cover Painting and Drawings by Sally Cook


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Sally  Cook has been called "one of the most promising writers to emerge from the New Formalist movement in recent years." 

Her poems, developed with rhythm and rhyme, have a proverbial quality, at times providing brief lessons for the reader.  She also demonstrates a delightful sense of humor. 

Take for example this poem from Making Music:

A Misogynist's Reverie

So many species celebrate
by chewing on their hapless mate,
It makes you wonder why they wed;
They could have just had lunch instead.

The throes of love decry suggestions,
Then someone's left with indigestion.
Divorce is quicker in most states,
Blessed is he who hesitates.

Reviewed by Mary Ann Sullivan
    September 2012