Leonard Breger


It was reported in the Oakland Daily Tribulation that someone had broken into the First Rational Bank and had made off with quantities of ballpoint pens. Rumors that Jack Foley is the culprit are irresponsible and inaccurate. I was with Jack and Adelle from the beginning of his memorable poetry reading to the wee hours of the morning. Who could forget the guitar-dancing, tap-twanging multisimultaneous poetic cavortings. It was entertaining and affecting. Afterwards we repaired to their house and, surrounded by treasures and artifacts that attest to the Foley passion for the arts, we talked of all shapes of cabbages and all sorts of kings. Jack’s breadth of knowledge and depth of insight are impressive. There was laughter too, much nose-clearing, eye-opening, twittering-tittering. Early on it was all poetry and performance, exciting new sounds, voices, ideas and deeply human caring. Later it was sharing and clashing, some sanity and much insanity at the Foley home...a full and remarkable night. So Jack Foley could not have robbed the bank...unless he had an accomplice.

               —Leonard Breger