Larry Eigner


A W i d e n I n g o f d a d a ?

Goodness (and mercy etc.) knows where things are and have been taken/g us, locally or cross-country, for a good long while now. Meanings flicler by, fkash some points. Foulups ackjowledged, coming to in view if hardly straightened out. All the flak, as much as there is, is based on sur?/real enough messages. Pretty graphic. Is there a difference between noiks and white noise? The clak of one hand on the kitchen table??

Everyday news under the sun. what foregrounds and backgrounds. The middle is far behind. There’s no hellfire. Life’s been fairly dreamy, a roller coaster and all.

This jokebook (partially) of poesy, not for babes, is lighter and even more far-fetched and reaching than the well-meant and broadcast American segregation/aggretion of church and state or free speech and commerce (advertisement included) which, after a couple of centuries, easily, comparatively thinking, allow nonsensngentities (god, the devil) and astrology and so forth to fill up voting minds?

               —Larry Eigner
               [Preface to Letters/Lights—Words for Adelle (1986)]