Jack Foley and Mary-Marcia Casoly


                                      Mary-Marcia Casoly & Jack Foley


Once Rabbit was brave to the great open
no doors endurance. Lazy lopsided were his shadows.
He and Eye Walker were great friends.
They talked heart, tree, terra cotta pot and pail.
Rabbit said, Iím thirsty.

Rabbit had a hareís breath.
            In one lifetime he was a rabbi,
            In another he was a robot.

Eye Walker made a leaf into a gourd.
Rabbit drank it up. Water tasted of snowfall cold
and fresh greens. He didnít say it, but
thought ďwitch.Ē   Deer approached stinking
with the scent of blood.

Oh deer, sd Rabbit who
            Remembered Bambiís mother.
            What shall I do with the overhead lamp?
            My lupus is limp!

A vulture glided overhead, circling.
After some time, Rabbit said, Iím hungry.
Eye Walker turned a stone into a turnip. It tasted
of soul wind beneath pulse.  Rabbit
ate it but thought strange.

Eye Walker thought
            Mystical wisps
            Of things: no enemy he
            Of Alchemy nor Anemone.

Rabbit, may you always have the leap of parabolas!
Eye Walker no sooner spoke, when Rabbit
fell all four seasons, cracked by memory wolves.
Eye Walker applied a salve of spider silk
the color of corn cob, to relieve

(And relive)

his pain and mend his broken bones.
Dawns leaned forward against the also-rans and stars.
Days later Eye Walker was a woman, misty
and pale. She sought out the strength of angels.
Why has Rabbit gone missing?

Oh, that wascally wabbit
Sd Eye Walker
            Always disappearing
            Down some hole or another

She found him trembling beneath a slip of hairflower.
I am afraid   Rabbit yelped   Leave me alone!
Eye Walker said, On your behalf I used my power,
provided what you needed, now you refuse me. Meadows
may not weep. Sun sleep through its rise.

Me, said the Meadows
            Stunning the Shadows
            You, Rabbit,
            To hop is your habit.

Rabbit said,  I donít need magic!
He didnít notice the tears his words caused. They were friends
no more.  Three times treasures squared. Desolation be
consolation. Eye Walker cursed Rabbit. If your fears donít hear you,
then you will call louder. But because I still care for you,
remember this:
  if you donít worry; there will always be a way out

And a way up and a way down
            And a way round and around
           Youíll weep when you sleep
            And live if you dare.
            And live if you dare.
            And live, Rabbit, if you dare

*Inspired by Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams & David Carson