Red Hen Press

116 pages

ISBN: 139781597094733

Book Design: Mark E. Cull
Book layout by Kathrine Davidson
Cover artwork by Leslie J. Freeman
Author photo by Deborah C. Schneider


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This collection of poems by Jim Tilley has been praised by Billy Collins, Elizabeth Spires and Stephen Dobyns. 

His poetry is deep and tight, well controlled.  And when his theme emerges, ascends from the lines to the heart of the reader, the impact is profound.  His themes reveal not only interpersonal relationships and confidences, but also the inner dialogue all of us have with ourselves and the universe.

Please read, for example, this painfully human poem from In Confidence.

Until First Snow

For you it was always gardening, the clumps
of moistened earth, the trowel's handle worn
against your palm as the seasons' annuals
found their usual spots, and while you dug,
I racked up the balls, practiced straight shots,
then banks and combinations. Just plain stuff,
no need for the fancy massé around here
where one wins by playing against oneself.
This much you knew. Now the cushions are soft,
the slate has warped, and not much rolls true
since you've been gone.  I've set aside
the cue stick and let the trowel get used to me.
This summer I kept the beds free of weeds.
Fall was warm—the mums stayed until first snow.

Reviewed by Mary Ann Sullivan
    September 2012