David Collins

I first met Jack via my web site, which is a tribute to George M. Cohan. Jack's father was a chorus boy in a few of his shows, namely, The Cohan & Harris Minstrels, Hello Broadway, Mary. After a few months of correspondence, we soon found out that we had more in common than just George M. (after all, how many people can declare that?) and we’ve become good friends.

I think it only appropriate, when thinking of Jack Foley, that this lyric would apply, and I'd like to share it with you. This song, was first performed by Fay Templeton in a musical entitled, A Little Bit Of Everything during the summer of 1904.
  Charlie Frohman left the town, starring Isabella Brown
In a new Augustus Thomas play
He took the troop to Hazelnut, way down in Connecticut
Just to break it in for old Broadway

When the train arrived with all, the manager who ran the hall
Met them at the depot with a frown
Said he, as he put out his hand, I hear you haven't got a band
The folks expect a street parade in town

Frohman laughed and bowed his head
Local manager he said

You Won't Do Any Business If You Haven't Got A Band
The folks expect a street parade and uniforms so grand
To the whole profession well it may sound funny
But it's just the thing that'll get the money
If you play an Old New England one night stand, in Connecticut

Sir Henry Irving played the town and starved to death last fall
Old High Henry came along and he packed them to the wall
The town is sad, but your house is sadder
And it wouldn't make a difference if you knew Docksteader
’Cause You Won't Do Any Business If You Haven't Got A Band

               —David Collins