Pilgrims Press, Varanasi
250 pages
$10 paperback, $15 hardback

ISBN: 978177699890 - Paperback
  ISBN: 978177697544 - Hard bound

Layout and Graphics by Roohi Burchett
Cover Painting by Barbara Brooker (


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Janine Canan's most recent book of poetry, Ardor: poems of life, dedicated to the spiritual leader, Amma, is vast in scope and courageous in its numerous referrals to God as the source of inspiration and creation. Her poems are spiritually delightful, naturally delectable, didactic, and very dear.

Poet and psychiatrist, Janine Canan, has spent her life in an exhaustive pursuit of truth and beauty. Now, in her final stage of life, she who followed the path of a humble seeker, is finding.  And what she encounters she generously shares with us through poems that offer broad panoramas of enlightenment along with moral lessons and pure moments of ecstasy.

The 250-page collection is divided into eight sections: Meetings with God, Tears for the World, Indestructible Woman, Suffering Arrives, Teachers Everywhere, Singing to the Stars, and River of Life. Some poems explore the exquisite beauty of the natural world and the indivisible bond between humans and nature. Others are brief proverbs.  Some express sorrow at the degradation of Mother Earth by insensitive beings. Others, her love poems, offer spiritual union as the ultimate form of ecstasy.

Without doubt, Janine Canan uses poetry to share what she has experienced—the wonderful, painful, ecstatic and contemplative aspects of life.  And, it is quite apparent, her current vision is acquired through God's eyes.  

Here is a sample poem from Ardor: poems of life:


God peeks
through your eyes—

buds pushing open their dewy petals
to mirror the dazzling
morning light.

Reviewed by Mary Ann Sullivan
    September 2012