Adelle Foley


Fifteen Haiku for Vicki

I’ve known you so long
Always figured that I could
Reach out and find you

A half century
From High School to Medicare
Is hardly enough

A shared passion for
Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie
Cemented our friendship

You were really smart
A whiz at math and science
Crazy about books

Your dad took us down
To Disneyland the summer
After it opened

Tom Sawyer’s Island
The old creaky jungle ride
Filled us with wonder

We both married young
Settled in California
Never more to roam

Oakland and LA
Were close enough to keep our
Busy paths crossing

My husband joined us
At museums or bookstores
Brunch, lunch or dinner

Bioethics mixed
Law, science, and politics
Reflections of you

You loved your daughters
Fiercely proud of the women
That they have become

But it was the twins
Who captured your heart
Filled photo albums

You said you were sick.
Understood maybe too well
What was happening

I called to check in
For a year’s worth of weekends
Where will I call now?

Once more, Jack and I
Will eat breakfast in your honor
At Delancey Street.

September 30, 2008