S Stephanie


Icarus falls and still the trees

bloom and rustle on.  Still the plow turns the soil, the plough hand never asking what’s beneath it.  Icarus falls and the ship sails on, gliding over his wet, blue grave, gliding away from the port stacked with crates and ropes and kegs, away from the docks of work and sweat and laughter. Tonight in this small seaside town, who will hear the boats straining and moaning at their moorings?  Surely someone will ask questions about sun, and time and wax?

(after Landscape with the Fall of Icarus by Bruegel)

© 2011 S Stephanie


S Stephanie's poetry and book reviews have appeared in literary magazines such as Third Coast, Birmingham Poetry Review, Café Review, Literary Laundry, Rattle, The Southern Review and The Sun. She has two chapbooks: Throat was published in 2001 by Igneus Press and What the News Seemed To Say by 2009 by Pudding House. She holds an MFA in Writing from Vermont College. She co-edited the literary magazine, Crying Sky: Poetry & Conversation with her husband W.E. Butts 2005-2007. She teaches at the NH Institute of Art in Manchester, NH.