Robert Lietz



    Frost-silvered lawns lead -- stoop
to barns -- among
the frost-claimed implements. I'm taking
the field in -- stubble
to stubble -- hawk in patient sepia --
part of this Monday's question
I might need another lens for -- watching
for deer -- thinking
how some lives ( missing ) suddenly
reappear -- because the season
love moves lives / scrub
and woods across the highways
/ and twenty-six degrees
/ and one with his camera say --
looking for deer
/ hawk -- for the source
of pale confusion
low places.


    And -- should the day warm up a little
as predicted -- should daylight
brighten wide Ohio air and broken budgets --
there'll be this man-child scribbling --
this news -- with its losses now
and shockwave detonations -- these
kids whose superstitions do for schooling --
two years / two hundred thousand
casualties -- and this silence finally
/ this pine -- garlanded again -- these
ornaments hung blood-red -- set off
by silver wreathing -- where somebody
put another weekend to old uses -- moved
by the pleasure I believe -- by Mondays
ahead and hours apart / and by
the newsman's blab a man can take
so much of -- preferring
the silence now -- or coaxings
of this music -- a summer
wedding love we'll have
to dream / and five
( fully! ) have


    Sunday's The Times and Boardman
afterward -- exchanging
the holiday tablecloth -- too long
we might have known --
and taking the kids' apartment in --
dressed for visitors --
with the rain and Browns uproar
we'd have to guess at -- subject
still when we pulled upgrade
into Saner's -- searching
the perfect tree ( again )
for our fourth


    And here -- in this snow-minded
in-between -- while you dream

/ turn -- you snore and stop -- I turn
and lie -- as asked

Elizabeth -- word-weighed and still --
dumbly at prayer / praise --

the regular things a carved land holds out
as attractions -- gold dust

and pulse -- clefs and cusps that rise up
with the species --

with so little time to shape the sentence
taking form -- as water and ice

reflect the urge to murder and create --
and every equal state -- each

( geologic ) moment tribes deliberate --
to say what stands behind

the native architectures -- to
fill up their own

and ( now! ) this dream-
minded / this snow-

minded crossing


    Sharpness shapelessness implode.
And clear sky
never seemed so wrong / so
altogether --
confusing this where to start --
and then
the course of synthesis --
the tallest taliban's
squirreled away
and shaved --
on shale
/ anthra-


    Remembering this ( early now )
The Band in the slot -- and
short days shortening -- bringing
me home tonight -- I think
how the twilight slows my hurry down --
away and back
so gradually -- so much
the season's flow --
not that these months-long
/ seasons-long
thoughts should
the matter --

    that cash-lacking fifty-five -- answerless
fifty-five should speak
and spin experimental codings --
musing the clockwork
/ quantum fathomings -- the cold
( if bright )
when ( once-warm ) Advent
comes together --
the physics of cold I think --
so not to be
fooled for long -- by
( voice-over )

    : Heart turns from roads
and road-reports
and travel times -- from
this week's round
of interviews -- letting the motion
draw me now -- and
her search for words -- her
well-spoken ( yes )
if yet uncertain search
to matter -- and all
I could say across this span --
her hopes / her course
of argument --
if only to tell
I might start -- and --
surely now --
where I'm


    Even as seasons turn -- as Thursdays --
a little cooler than he’d like --
remind the heart of flirts -- of stipulations
at the edge -- he suffers
the brightness there -- shining out of them --
no less combustible -- no less
he thinks -- extreme -- finding the words
men sigh -- the stars
men waste along the clef of expectations -- almost
invisible -- suffering --
some the less -- for every re-translating
of the dust-jackets -- and --
some the less -- supporting his amazement
after all -- ringing as systems chirr --
piping for each the ten dimensions of the real --
and as innocent -- maybe --
as history might seem in the collating -- as
the tulips seem to be -- holding on
for their short while -- the more intense
for that short while -- revealed
beneath the stars above triangulated places. And
these -- as someone’s
paints describe -- among the green antipathies --
defecting to feasts and cards
and addled calisthenics -- their seditions
hyper-charged -- and their shell-game
provenance -- about the only thing to stand
among the crazed and crazing layers. They
form the replete miscellany -- where seasons
correspond -- detailing seductions --
the rapturous / the withered childhoods --
and costs of meals since --
because the music’s understood -- the huge
and bird-like grip / the sumptuous
and dispatched literature -- in fractions
worked away to the heart of some percentage --
in lives aglow -- for all the living
left in them -- appealing to know
some thing / to step
and know some thing -- before
they step off to auroras.


    Oblique as December is -- behind east-racing
lights and idlings -- the approaches
count -- in ( record ) coastal snows --
too bright / too awful to discover –
into the rooms sea-light inflects -- through
gates too many
and too wide to run away from --
opened to the crisp stars
elms could not

    And there -- where edges were aligning --
where ache and hospital
/ moods and means would integrate
the rosewood
and guitar strings -- it's something to see
( I guess ) besides
a boy and vehicle -- a boy's knee
and pelvis fractured
in three

    A kid ( I think ) would have no more
of such emotion. But --
in some actual far place -- waiting
our amazement --
we were ( everywhere ) unseen -- but
watched Elizabeth / immediate --
in chapters loving ( such as ours )
would bring around --
and subject to lines -- to so many
turnings inked
and looping in our favor -- in
this flattening
windless light -- this traffic
an Amish horse fits
after decades -- straining
ahead unbothered
the headlamps


    Maybe the last blue moon -- last daubs
of color mean equipment -- and
the crews called off -- an afternoon
with frosted or fire-warm
beverages --exciting some southern-bred
impatience with the season -- some
warm bright matter -- turned
in the mind until the iced way's
sensible / home's
( more or less ) day's end
/ and the shuttered
barns -- where barncats
themselves for


    Scotty's West / The Country Kitchen --
Diners shut and dark. And --
elsewhere -- in day-spattered rigs --
idling beneath high-hazard lines
and lavender autumn-painted steel --
they're dreaming of days
the large land holds in store for them --
as my windshield smears / heat
blares / my wipers ( caked with ice )
keep up their trouble -- and
one large-mittened hand -- raised now --
means worry ahead -- or staggering
after-hours business -- means shames
well-told / and shames ( may be )
that will not bear re-telling -- as
clouds the confederate stars
have hid behind
mound snow on barns / spread
ice on driving lanes
/ until this moonlight ice
and grades
taught me to long for
has had its way
with them.


    The salters run -- a little ahead
of what's to come.
I'll be home by seven love -- eased
by this one and then
another tested love-song -- even
as the Avalanche -- the F-150 --
this rig that needs my icense
for an eye-chart
exploit their hurry now -- intending
some somewhere louder
than sportsmachines and loungewear --
than this streetsmart news --
throwing the readers off -- these
pains art-prints
will not report on or belittle -- given
a creek in place -- a dark horse
roped in place beneath a carport --
and this wood-warmed trailer
moons relieve or bring to stresses --
a magnitude made bearable
/ brittler now but welcoming
these snows along the route --
falling between the gaps
/ between the skeletal beams
/ over the shelves
and bedroom texts
and scavenged


    Then the emotion concentrates : December
bills / December-ending pay
to come around to -- and spring ( maybe )
before I see these notes
the driving leaves no time for -- and poems
( maybe ) made green -- woods
edged by green and straying thorns and morning glories --
if only to say the great well-being
we are part of -- and feel your arms around --
beginning alphabets -- the language
and letters magnified -- as this broomed ice is --
where skaters had to be -- not
that their mothers could have known / have
understood their padded children
or their contests -- could say where
their brooms had been -- or how
sons' noses pressed / where
the dark shades failed
to meet at Mr. Lee's.

    No wonder the woods / the shy deer
/ the titmouse settling
and shaking off a winter limb
seem sighings this afternoon --
the woods-light magnifies -- without
which : blanks / without
which : a rib-less trace-less glow
through the creation -- as
absolutes / as certitudes mis-fire --
and we -- drawn
by the features / by the feel
of creation -- must
go on -- to be

considerably -- until it must work
( I think ) -- and must be
otherwise -- as reasonable -- and likely
love -- as inches deep
December -- as this fourth Christmas
is -- the holiday plates
and mugs and ( always ) the kolache --
as this lit fire is -- and --
nearer -- the poinsettia -- nearer
in lines at work / in
the carved and throned
and standing

    or these vans today -- these trucks
( locked in at forty-five ) --
with wills of their own to demonstrate --
and -- unrelieved by winds --
woods weighed by nights-long snows
and winter moonlight -- when
( even ) the windmill's useless blades
seem surrogates -- and
yet another week : to play
on undergraduate
resistance -- at errands
in heartland snows --
away and home by dark
/ three hundred
and more


    The Red Saloon woos dusk-drawn
traffic off the bridge-lanes --
from cushions the kids pitched
/ pissed over -- feeling
their own sweet shames --
with downtown
/ downtown grocers
gone for

    So that the Red Saloon -- given
the latest snows
and little cairns of public courage --
earns the green and change
laid down on the toweled counter --
so it's no wonder now --
that explanations
and mid-month news
must seem
like reruns / that
it's Friday
/ flush

    and they are glad as kids again --
letting the news drone
supper-hour wrecks and recent
closings -- the bakery
and shops shut down -- and one
( embarrassed ) studio --
where brides-to-be were found
/ found chilled -- in
nothing more -- the news
was sure -- than
sheer / and
maybe a green


    Then it's doubles / draughts -- it's
holidays men trust
they'll not be asked to kill for -- tribunals
and alarms -- doubles and draughts
and first half stats -- explaining the pairs
and three-somes
sorting out at closing -- their jackets zipped
or unsnapped yet -- displaying
the names they'd like to go by
and the logos -- recalling
the floors they'd run bones on
/ stairs they'd climbed
to soups / on bones
that burned


    And were it not for the faux romance
they thought outgrown --
not for the cellar floors / the sports-cards
tossed to stun -- where would they be
tonight -- would she -- with her pleasant
tarts and her dessert wines -- what
would their stories be but starvelings' tales
of creation -- and words let serve
the sway of their expressions -- half-way
we think anthems and astoundings --
worry ( we think ) let soak / among
the soaking mugs and the shot-glasses --
as the subjects changed -- and
the cold -- that could be Sarajevo
or Columbus -- pointing
the way to them -- and especially so
tonight --as the starlight
shivers / among the limbs
and on the schoolyard
/ over the roots and hollowed
trunks / the midnight
vegetables / bread
cuts / and cheeses
and straw-


    Not one the cause for acts of charity
or bloodletting! Or
so she believes / believes -- assuming
the shrink-wrapped / prepackaged
interlude and the vendetta -- whatever
he meant by all of that --
or March -- with its own green hints
of something other -- if only
this partnership / these turned sheets
or now the wind's divertimento --
and more than a kid -- too
young to think of days ahead --
will leave on plates
/ where breakfast
before breakfast
's made its


    So what should idea be -- or stories
we love retelling them --
a Saturday be -- so close -- beyond
the scope of their completing --
be at the Red Saloon -- so moved -- and
only a universe between them --
when every pulse seems promising -- when
every word they've heard before -- and
love ( as it is some days ) striding world
to dark world -- calls them from cars
and dolls the kids were meant to play with --
from the concussion now -- the noise
they believe might only be hill thunder --
leaving such aches as these --
only in part from recreation -- and
hands like their own -- that touch
across the public tables --
until the space between / and
the urge -- just speakable --
seem pure geography
/ until the centers and
the furthest edges


    The work ( she believes ) had been
/ would be enough
for centuries -- and the last collectibles --
nothing the starbright or violet semis
would deliver -- will have to do for them
tonight -- seeing
the yards some wiser men would know to drill in
/ the backboards raised
near newly tilled Ohio fields -- rattling
themselves as breezes
have their ways with them -- as the hands
of friends -- already
working meals -- and nobody's
three-on-three -- and
nobody's party cant or sports-patter
/ nobody's muddy hooves
/ and nobody's
muddy muddy udders
are more or any

Copyright © 2011 Robert Lietz

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