Dawnell Harrison


Not and am

I am not
The woman
With a perfect parasol
Or a mauve umbrella.

I am
The woman
Soaking in the
Majestic rain,
Loving every moment
Of the freedom.

I am not
The woman
Drinking tea on time
With a bunch
Of sour, old folks.

I am
The woman
Picking up wandering
Dogs and cats
Seeking a bit of food, shelter.

I am not the woman.
I am the woman.

Pushing it down

Tried to fake it,
Too jaded to pretend
For one more second
That living this life
Isnt bleeding me
From the inside out,
Keep pushing it down.

Ive given up the drama
And traded it in for
Hermitville. Its a nice place
To live nobody there
To criticize me but myself.
Keep pushing it down.

Living in this city
Of one is really
Oh so lovely!
My old cat
With two torn ears
Gets my undivided attention
As I keep pushing it down.

Lady in waiting

The lady in waiting
Cries hushed tears
At night after shes
Waited on the royalty
As if they were Gods.
Shed like to uproot them
Corsets, teacakes,
And all.

The skys done for
As she gazes out
Of her small window
Into the night
Of her own undoing.
Another night where
Nobody will serenade her,
Another night indeed.

Poverty begins to weigh
Itself as an option.
Too many days of
Yes madam and yes sir,
No madam and no sir.
Although she would be
She could unhook
The stars as if
They were her own.

Copyright 2011 Dawnell Harrison

Dawnell Harrison has had a chapbook published entitled, "Voyager" which received great reviews.  She has been published in over 25 journals and magazines.

She earned her BA from the University of Washington.