Deepak Chaswal





Morning dew fell
Like nectar on
The thirsty lips
Of the young-old grass
Waiting for
Comfort after
A long night of
Crushing by leather sandals
And shoes
Well polished and maintained
To have
An impact on
The onlookers


Dogs will bark
And the cats
Will mew
When you
Will meet
Someone new

Dogs will bark
And the cats
Will mew
When the rag pickers
Will get something
To chew

Dogs will bark
And the cats
Will mew
When pirates
In the sea
Will capture
A crew

Dogs will bark
And the cats
Will mew
When sun will
Suck the
Morning Dew

Dogs will bark
And the cats
Will mew
When the listeners
Will be many
But the poets
Were few


Without the wings of imagination
I am flying in this dark sky
With a motive in my
Heart which is filled
With hopeless hope.
My sense of belonging to
This world is continuously
Dying with an ever widening speed
Of a superfast train
Which has left its station
A few minutes ago.
The touches of touchables
may bring a new hope in my
Hopeless untouchable soul
But it is looking impossible
Now I am a soul which is
Beyond reason and intellect
Trying to cross the limits of this
Limitless boundary of
Colourful world
Somebody told me long times ago
The colour of a child’s eye
Is different from the colour
Of his skin
But I realized later on
That only the colour of
Eye determines the colour of skin
And beneath this skin we
Are colourless!


The autumn, and the spring,
The summer and the winter
All are present
Before me

The birds, the nests,
The flock, the herds
The lion, the deer,
The spider, the moth
The joy the fear
All are present
Before me

The sun, the moon
The plate, the spoon
The light, the darkness
The serpent and the rope
The steep and the slope
The mountain and the fountain
All are present
Before me

The road and the car
The Church and the bar
The fair and the foul
The pigeon and the howl
All are present
Before me

I painted them
Last night
In a state of
Complete fright
As my master
Wanted me
To complete
It in a day
So that tomorrow
he may get
several buyers
for the painting to pay.

© 2011 Deepak Chaswal




Deepak Chaswal is a poet from the soil of India. He is also a Prof. of English and a critic. His poetry exhibits his perception of the universe from the perspective of an insider. His poems have been published in reputed international poetry journals like Pacific Review, Sam Smith The Journal, Pamona Valley Review, Forge, Enchanting Verses, Earthborne Poetry Magazine, Kritya- A Journal of Poetry, Indian Ruminations,
Bicycle Review to name a few. Contact him at