Boghos Artinian                      


Nauseous ransom

Would you drink a glass of Turkish phlegm
to get your father back from the dead?
My father, at age nine, would have done so
as ransom duty to get his father back
after he was arrested by the Turks
during the major Armenian Genocide.
He had also thought of many other schemes
and diverse imaginary nauseous ransoms
that, in vain, tortured his childhood brain

Copyright 2011 Boghos Artinian


Boghos L. Artinian is a physician in private practice in Beirut and has been there since 1975. He has an MD from the American University of Beirut, 1968 and MRCP (UK) in 1973. His first published poem is called "Pacing in the Tomb" and was published in the Saudi Medical Journal, 1986. He also published two poems, titled "Rightly Foreseen" and "panspermia" in Perspectives in Biology and Medicine, 1987. Since then he has published over fifty other poems in various journals.