(Elise) Lisa  Stewart



I leave this pen by the side
of your poetry
in the hopes that it may
ink from ink across the
naked sheets and
drip through these fingers
and stain this skin

and I will wait
for the scrape of dry edge
to moisten
their black lines
and arc their curves
like a statuette
bathed in moonlight.

The air is fresh
and warm.
The room a drift of
sweet Jasmine
and anticipation.



I must breathe your silence.
Rest my head upon your pillow
until these eyes are awakened.

I must furnish this emptiness
with the sweetness
of you.
Bring forth my sorrow
to your nurturing.

I must devour your music
until my heart sings.
Drink from your well
until I thirst no longer.

Learn every rhythm
of you

Until I am
... complete.


I dance through the crowded
streets to the quiet still of your

to explore the supremacy
of your divine

I am beguiled,
                by your

by the allure
of you.

Take this dream
you have ever wished to enter
and let it last for eternity.

We have waited for this moment
and now that it is here.
Shall wait forever more
                                to be captured
                                          once again.

Copyright © 2009 Lisa Stewart


(Elise) Lisa Marieanne Stewart lives in Rustington,
a small village between  the Downs and sea in West Sussex, England. West Sussex boasts many connections with some of the literary greats, including Percy Bysshe Shelley, who had his first publication printed in Warwick Street, Worthing. Trelawney, who lived in Sompting,  T.S Eliot who visited Worthing and also Oscar Wilde.

She has written over 6 collections of poetry including ‘For All Eternity’, ‘Another Sentiment’, ‘The Last Lament’, and her latest publication, ‘Paradise’, which includes ‘All Longing Subsides’ and ‘Your Silent Forest.’ Paradise is available through the Masque Publishing web site. She is currently working on a new collection  due to be completed later in the year.

Her poetry has been included in many magazines and anthologies, and she recently won 3rd place in the ‘Rubies In The Darkness’ poetry competition.

To find out more about her books and Decanto poetry magazine visit: