Mary-Marcia Casoly

Honey Lemon Balm Tea 
(In response to Lemon Balm by Jack Foley)

long long long lately
linger afternoon late summer
bombastic ellipses...
bomb bomb bomb ball bearings
come in golden priest wearing
California Poppy robe
the door is open
attendance so papillia
             butterfly taste buds (in the mint)
don’t be so geri-active
moon weed muse-muse-a-melissalia 
suggests less stress
yes exhibits your aromatherapy
mammalian synapsid I pronounce it Lepidoptera:
            leaf drop to earth
lepidine polly, peptide doppel-terra
tender glory clumps soft peel
sweet marsh spread anti-
no method with signature or
aperture:        terpennes -— how not to keep 
smelling like hay that grassy stink
and stay flavonoid favoring the full-bodied cocoa
please do jigger-jigger between one or more
golden calf temporal everyone 
temporary tempting inveigle
muted tone:  the duration of the whole note:
co-distilled dash —lemon balm
pause mensuralbrava 


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Lawrence’s Genetian to Klimt’s Garden

            Perfume note of sphinx
                        Deafening fritillaries            xylophone drum
            Amber meadow        shy skimmer
                        Throngs of bittercup                        iceberg bloomers
            Fairy lantern lotus lit against fog
                        Concert-hall drakes             tumbril flicker            pigeon peck
            Descant part shimmer serpent
                                    Our lady of the marsh curl
            Spotted chords katydid                       

                        Corridors seagull     hummingbird condo
                        Great blue heron cliff                      sandpiper warden    water ouzel
                        Lake wren     babbit brocade          woodpecker fete
                        Titmouse slipper       Egyptian mockingbird   painted gold



       THE HERON

      Magnificently old aged that blue heron
      quick it stabs fish and tosses
      fast food into his mouth
      eye already to the next
      keeping and unkeeping to a straight
      line up the bed                                      
      just like all this happened
      a long long time ago
      and never has
      many fish long  since have slipped
      with grace and firmness
      giving top billing
      to the little poem of living
      itself never arriving at the same route
      can be a kind of
      the blind shelter
      the lookout balcony
      in sight
      meeting him

      I am in a world of disassembling

      brazen with wild coquetries
      you must think
      cleopatra, cleopatra, cleopatra
      on the green river barge
      her solidified shape
      comes to conscience through history
      the floating cloud
      distant is his writing desk
      extrasolar some monk is bored on the cliff
      all descenders
      lag towards centaurs
      Great Blue about to follow


Copyright © 2009 Mary-Marcia Casoly

Mary-Marcia Casoly currently lives in Palo Alto and has a degree in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University.  Mary-Marcia is a steering committee member of Waverley Writers, a poetry venue in the South Bay. Her work has been published in various literary magazines such as San Hill Review, ( and on the internet, The Tower Journal, also  9th St. Laboratories ( and Big Bridge ( Her book Run to Tenderness, published by Pantograph Press/ Goldfish Press, is available at Small Press Distribution In Berkeley, CA.