Jack Foley



for L.Z.


conscious longing joint weed polygonaceous

jonquil fragrant yellow or white flowers

showing up in our yard as if by magic

joy stick juba lectionary


musaceous murther murre myrrh

Muss-o-lini (the plumber named “Muss-o-lini Miles”:

Just call me ‘Moose’”)

(O Princess Flower, most beautiful of)

Glory Bush

“I love your cock” absolute magnitude

Magnitogorsk desoxyribonucleic acid

desoxyribose Deo gratias coral Mayweed

jigger mortmain Morocco

otalgia O tempora! Papilionaceous

(O Princess Flower, most beautiful of)

press-room prest

And the golden Calif. Poppy

(anthology: a gathering of flowers)

papyrus hemidemisemiquaver

lemon balm

See Mary-Marcia Casoly's response to the above poem, Lemon Balm


Jack and Adelle Foley

Jack Foley
is a widely-published San Francisco poet known for his "spoken-word performances" which involve choruses. His Cover to Cover radio show, can be heard online at Berkley Radio KPFA www.kpfa.org