Debi Langlais


As the days go by,
My heart does cry.
My love does weep,
I need some sleep.

What is a lie?
Must one die?
Are they as sweet?
As the toes on your feet?

How have you been?
Are you my friend?
I am a bore,
As in apple core.

Love will you lend?
My heart will I mend?
A once so-called whore,
Somewhere before.

Shall I pick my nose?
Or bite my toes?
That lovely chair,
His dark black hair.

The green garden hose,
The girl he chose.
Is anything fair?
How much can I bear?

The very plush rug.
A tiny little bug.
Her tail I did squish,
With the angel fish.

With him I feel snug,
Like a snail or a slug.
His favorite dish,
For his love I wish.

The beauty hides,
As he confides.
That silly old dream,
The skylights beam.

His love always rides,
Like roller coaster slides.
The coffee and cream,
Iím no longer queen.

As tears roll down,
Here comes the frown.
Just his shoe,
Does make me blue.

I am a clown,
The table is brown.
Nothingís new,
Just go screw.

A personís book,
That someone took.
Iím just a fag,
For someoneís rag.

His life I did crook,
Like a sneak and a snook.
Youíre just an old brag,
With nothing to nag.



I am proud to be a soldier
In the Army of the Lord,
I wear the Armor as one of the bolder
Who will never turn back on the Word.

Often Iím asked if I am afraid
To be perceived as a freak,
Look at the price Jesus paid
I couldnít be that meek.

A trying life our Christ did bear
Then death so suddenly cruel,
Words of the Spirit He would always share
For that came death so brutal.

If you believe that Jesus died
So that you and I may live,
Then wear your Armor and do not hide.
Be sure you fight with Him.


So much has changed in years gone by
Lord, I thank You for all that You have done,
You have given me more than money can buy
Prayers were answered one by one.

I love You Lord more today
Than ever I have before,
Keep me under Your wing I pray
Now and forevermore.

You have granted me my prayers of many
Through hours of intense and desperate tears,
You have walked me through my fears of plenty
As You guided me along through the years.

Lord, I love You so very much
I cannot go a day,
Without asking You for Your special touch
This, Oh Lord I pray.

Please always hold me close to You
And help me not to sin,
Continue to show me what You can do
Because I chose to invite You in.


Copyright © 2009 Debi Langlais

Debi Jeanne Langlais has lived in New Hampshire all her life.  She was raised in an orphanage until she was eleven years old and then lived with her biological father and his girlfriend.  During her stay with them, things did not go well so Debi took to writing poetry and drawing as an outlet. 

Debi now runs her own paralegal practice, and is attending Hesser College in Concord, New Hampshire.  She plans to obtain a Juris Doctorate from Franklin Pierce University by 2013.