Charles Robert Hice


Absense of Snow

The way is clear and not encumbered.
No shoving with my feet and labored,
I walk and smell no roses.
I feel my life instead of death.
The sky is blues and sunny.
The clouds are white and far away.
The snow is absent around about me.
I sense the absence of the snow.
It must be what Heaven will be.
No snow or ice or death.
I will kiss you all someday.
When I am there.
Gone away.
To rest.


IF you could send me something
without asking for my phone
IF you could use General Delivery
as my address not my home
then I even I would get free bes
and Jesus has the keys

All poems on this page are
2006 Charles Hice

Charles Hice Bio

I am Android ICI CharlaXAndroidSevenOne
A Poet. Jesus Freak Poems and Love Poems.
         A Jesus Freak. eye believe in him
      A Homeless. no where to call my home.