Nicholas Wong
Nicholas Y.B. Wong is a creative writer based in Hong Kong. His poems and short stories have recently appeared in The Centrifugal Eye, Asia Writes, Taj Mahal Review, Fag/Hag: A Scandalous Chapbook of Fabulously Codependent Poetry, pyrta journal, 6S: The Green Bike Stories,, Cha, Qarrtsiluni, Fifty-fifty: New Hong Kong Writing, edited by Xu Xi (2007, Haven Books) and among others. His poems have won the Oblongata Poetry Contest of The Medulla Review and been shortlisted in 2009 Chroma International Queer Writing Competition. He is honoured to be chosen to be the Spotlight Poet by this zine in its Sept/Oct 2010 issue. He is currently an MFA Candidate at the City University of Hong Kong.

In Transit

The English are considerate: all train platforms
have waiting rooms, dusty chairs stained with
either coffee brewed in an English way, or

egg yolks from an English breakfast.
I carefully sit my boney bottom on the left,
not wanting to see whatís there on the right.

A pallid female voice from the speaker
says names that sound alike,
unfamiliar yet similar,


Have you ever been to places
because their names sound so English?
Coming from an ex-colony, I despise myself

for being stranded in this colonial train station Ė
I hope Iím heading somewhere.
A pigeon lands next to me,

hunting for leftover crumbs
between my bulky bags.
The glass walls speak with

a colonial accent:
donít fly. It walks instead.
A pigeon is not a pigeon if

it doesnít flap its wings on a twig.
Then slowly,
its head turns 270 degrees

like an owlís
to look at me.
It scowls.

It reminds me of
my ravenous hunger
for the way out.

Copyright © 2010 Nicholas Wong