Neila Mezynksi

Neila Mezynski has fiction and poetry published on Snow Monkey, Word Riot, elimae, Rumble, Short Fast and Deadly , Northville Review, Kill Author and is author of Glimpses due out in Dec 2010 from Scrambler Press; also a chapbook from Mud Luscious Press in 2011.

Cardboard Bride

The bride so tall round head all white
Hard but soft, strangely sweet.
Triangle dress dearly etched.
Hands clasped front mid walk down aisle.
A paper doll,
No more no less.
A sideway glance,
Donít make jokes.
She might speak or sing
Appearances are deceptive.

The paper groom, pale and wan
From fright of pending doom
He small and slight
She large and white
Might come to some torn ruin.

Copyright © 2010 Neila Mezynski