Mike Berger

Mike Berger, PhD is
bright, articulate,
handsome, and
extremely humble.


Rogue Mind

Fascinating, the way he thinks;
he has a whirlwind mind. Not tethered
or shackled to conventional wisdom;
there is no box to think out side of.

Most people think in bits and bytes;
he thinks in megapixels. We take
things apart to understand how they
work. For him, the parts are just
minutia. His mind pushes things the
other way; he envisions how something
functions in the extreme. Not seeing
in black or white; he ignores objects
and thinks in terms of function and

He is hard to understand at times;
they say he dwells in the fifth
dimension. He doesn't think in
words but images. People thought
he was bizarre and eccentric ten
years ago, but his crazy ideas
are now today’s discoveries and


Starry Night



  veils of the mind open.

    Is it perfetti

or and elegant madness?


Hand full of sand

  tossed by a peevish boy.

    The cockatoo sings

      of earthly delights.



  for want of bread.


The air is choking crisp as the
sun peeks through the pines.
The verdant dell comes alive as
the sun sprinkles its magic.

A brook meanders its way;
singing softly as it goes..
A lush grass meadow stretches
out filling the dell..

Mammoth yellow pines stand
guard watching over this lovely
piece of nature's wonders. Aspen
trees across the way glisten and
shimmer flaunting their new
found colors.

The wind bites your cheeks and
tickles your senses. Soft .feelings
spill over as pleasant shivers
runs down your spine.

The rising sun chases the shadows
away. It paints a kaleidoscope of

Copyright © 2010 Mike Berger